Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dissapointed and unsure about everything

Sitting here, waiting, hoping, praying (!!) but really not thinking its going to happen :'( Why God? I'm trying so hard to honor you in my life. Doesn't that account for anything? Why hasn't James come? When will the next opportunity come for us to talk? I want to resolve things and if things are to end, I want for them to end on a good note. I miss him God, with every part of me. Why doesn't he want to know me anymore? Why did he turn his back on me? Why doesn't he want me? Please God, hear me and answer my prayers. Restore us Oh Lord God Almighty, as only you can. Let him see me God and recognise that this thing with me is not a bad thing, but a good thing. I love and cherish him God, more than anyone else. Please reveal this to him, please make him realise this in time. Please bring to his rememberence all the ways I've tried to show him what he means to me. Please God, open his eyes to me. Please lead us and guide us God, and please watch over my most precious friend today and always. Thankyou.

Edited to add, he didn't come... :'(

"You are my refuge, you are my tower, you heard me cry out in my darkest hour. I called out in weakness, you are my helper, you spread your mighty wings and give me shelter."

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