Friday, September 3, 2010

Clever boy! (see last Friday)

I had a nice day with Felix. He's such a clever boy. I came into the room today and was talking to a little boy who wasn't keen on childcare today, trying to comfort him, when Felix saw me and bounded up and pulled me away, so I could be with him. Lots of outdoor play today which he liked. We've also been drawing trains a lot, which we number and name (Gordon, Thomas, Percy...) and we draw passengers in the windows. I ask him one by one if the passengers are happy, sad, angry, silly, sleepy etc... I noticed today he's started doing voices, copying me. Eg, when he says happy, its done in a bright, up beat voice. (quite loud) When he says sad he says it in a very weepy voice, and the same with angry. It's cute. I was trying to think of other ways to draw people, and said one of passengers was singing- 'la la la' and he copied. And the train driver is always happy. I love that kid, he's great!
Ebay parcel today! Hurrah! And a package waiting at the post office.
And the Geelong interview is on! Tuesday week!

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