Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm in cold Fairfield! I wish I'd brought a coat with me, but lately
it's been warmer and a coat has just been an extra thing to carry. I
hate being cold!
Other things going on...I went to Geelong for that interview yesterday
and the interviewer was not in! So rude and unprofessional! I was
pretty angry and upset to miss a day of work and to go all that way
for nothing. I just had lunch in Geelong city and looked in a few
opshops and then got the train back. If that woman wants to interview
me she can do it over the phone. I was dissapointed, I would like to
live in Geelong, and this was just another set back to me getting on
with life, I feel.
Mum and I went and saw Tomorrow when the war began last night. It was
great, the guy who played Homer was particularly good as was Caitlin
stasey who played Ellie. We are both keen to read the books now and to
see the next film. I'm not sure why but I always though they were a
sci fi series but they arn't. John marsden is amazing! The soundtrack
was also quite good. I wouldn't mind seeing it again.
Please God go with me in my work today, thanks.

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