Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another day...I worked 9:30-4:10 today and I have a full day tomorrow.
Work was ok today, at times things were unclear but God went with
me and things worked out. Thanks God. But it was kind of awful
literally holding back from being sick at the mere thought of having
to change a girl who soiled herself..,and then I had to actually
change her. It's the smell I can't stand, more than anything else.
Such a disgusting job! I always need to smell something nice after
that. (I still feel a bit off after that and it's been hours)
Hasa was ok again today, although he threw a tantrum at lunch time
because he wanted to keep playing with a train and wouldn't come to
the table and eat. He needs to learn to do what he's told. But he's
learning that I'm in the room for him and is coming to me for help. It
was nice today when another child had a book he wanted. Rather than
aggressively snatching it and hissing like an angry snake, (as he
usually does) he said 'Ta?' in a nice manner. He can be good when he
wants to be.
Can dogs be brought on trains in Melbourne? I don't think so enless
they are guide dogs. Nell would have a field day if I brought her on a
train! She'd love it! But I don't like it when it's done by others...
(& I wouldn't do it)
I miss you James, I still care, i'm just going to keep telling you
until you listen and take it in. Love you my dear friend.

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