Sunday, September 5, 2010

Plans for this week

-work x5 days.
-finish BG assignment and start something else. *getting there*
-save money. I'm sick of buying food to eat on the way to/from work.
I've bought nice food today so that's it for the week.
-apply for 5 jobs (centrelink :/) *1 down, 4 to go*
-get better from this sore throat thing which just keeps going.*getting there*
-organist nell's vacs
-Benj r's birthday *done*

Not too busy a day. Someone from church gave me an old book she found
in an opshop (a bobbsey twins) so that was nice. And I've just cooked
pancakes with banana and nutella for dinner, was nice. To bed and a
book now.

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