Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm starting at 9 today and finishing at 5:45, seems like a long day.
Please God go with me. Thanks. It's nice and sunny today, will be good
for my plants.
I'm reading Beverly Grays assignment now, I slogged through the last
14 pages of bg journey last night. I wish I could stay on this bus all
day and read. (& everyone else can get off) ah well, I'll survive.
I have a job interview arranged for next Monday which I'll have to
change because I'm working and it's in Geelong. I'm kind of anxious
but keen. For ages i've wanted to live in Geelong so if this works out
it would be a step the right direction. Only 20 minutes to Barron
Heads and Torquay! Please God can the time of the interview be worked
out? Thanks.

I'm having lunch in thornbury right now, listening to BBQ with
friends. I'm feeling slightly sick, same problems I had last week.
Just waiting for the demazin to kick in.
The cook at the centre commented today that she thinks I'm good with
the three children I've cared for at TK, she said I'm really good with
them and am patient and that it takes a certain kind of person to work
with these kinds of kids. It was totally out of the blue because we
were just talking about food and then she said that. Was very nice of
her. I don't know if she's a Christian but I heard she started seeing
a Christian guy earlier this year and goes to church with him. She
plays a Christian radio station in the kitchen too. I appreciated her
encouraging words.
Maybe fish for dinner? I might get some from coles, it always looks
nice there. (& I don't want chicken and broccoli pasta bake!)
And that job interview that I was trying to fit in next week is not
happening. I'm working a full week here and can't get to Geelong :/
not really happy. I ask STB a few days ago to be a reference (I told
her I'm looking for full time work) and I'm questioning her motives
for putting me on a full week. How can I look for work if I'm being

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