Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So I guess I havn't done a very good job at leaving this for a
while...I felt bad on Sunday but I feel ok today. I worked yesterday,
hasa was not too volatile and not too gross, but still aggressive and
impolite to people. He can also be quite intimidating to the littler
kids. But his behaviour was better. I'll see him tomorrow.
I've had today off, I havn't been up to much. I've bought some books
from bonanzle, but this is it for a while. I'm sick of spending money.
I made a chicken stirfry for dinner and cupcakes for sweets. Lifesaver
musk lollies taste really nice with lemon buttercream icing! (& real
butter is so much better than margarine)
I'm reading Beverly Gray's Journey at the moment. It's one of the
later ones in the series and it's good. I've heard of a kid recently
(i think he's about 8) who's read through the entire Harry p. series
five times! I wish I could just relax and read. Reading feels lazy to
me, I always feel like I should be up doing something. I have so many
books to read!
Tis all for now...

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