Friday, May 14, 2010

Thank you God

Another day has passed, I wasn't rostered on to work but was called in, so I worked from 9am to 5.45pm. I don't often do long days like that anymore. Next week looks to be busy too, from memory I think I'm rostered on 4 or 5 days, so the work is picking up a bit. This means I'll be able to afford to go on holidays in July (I have the time off, but wasn't sure I'd have the money) but at the same time I'm really not happy working at TK and don't want to still be there in July. So I havn't made any bookings.

Thanks God for all you do for me. I know I ask for alot but don't always express thanks as I should. Thanks for Felix and Angelica. I do love these little children God and look forward to seeing them each week. Please take care of them God, and help Angelica to walk and Felix to make progress as he should. Thanks for this job God, its been so amazing how you've provided it for me. You knew what I needed, thanks. Please help me to stay positive, to work hard, to have a good attitude about it and to not take offense easily. Please show me what path to take next in regards to my employment.
Thanks for our pets God. Will particularly has been a faithful companion to me when I've had no one else.
Thanks for hearing my prayer and for LM ringing JW last night. It was important that she did.
Thanks again for James, God, for bringing him to my attention. I love him God, and my constant, unchanging prayer for him is that you will be with him, please protect him, show your favour and kindness to him and please provide for him.

Listening to Hungry (On My Knees) at the moment, and I now know the version on my ipod is by Kathryn Scott. Such a good song to live by.

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