Thursday, July 15, 2010

Christchurch, but only for one night

Shortest flight ever! Seemed to take about 15 minutes. I only just seemed to get into my seat and the plane was preparing to land. Over an hour and a half late for such a short flight. A few good things though, I got a window seat and the seat next to me was free, so a bit more room. Also good was the very helpful bus driver who pointed out so clearly where I needed to go to get to the youth hostel. As a result it was nice and easy to find. I wonder if he was a Christian? There was this kind of old (60's?) guy on the bus playing his music quite loudly through his ipod, and I realised after a while it was Christian music. He was also really helpful in directing me to the youth hostel. There was also this very kind airport lady (Rita) who was such a gracious help to me when checking in and I also noticed her being kind to another lady who seemed to have lost something on a plane. I wondered if she was a Christian too. There have been some really kind hearted people who I've met on my travels. I want to be like them.
I'm off to Kaikoura tomorrow, the train leaves at 7am, so another early morning. Whats great though is that there is a shuttle bus every morning from the hostel to the station. Works out perfectly. I'm off for a short look around Christchurch now.
Please keep me safe tonight God. Thanks.

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