Thursday, July 1, 2010

I havn't written much in regards to James lately, not because I don't
care, but rather because I'm not sure what to say or do. I really miss
him but at the same time I'm feeling the rejection keenly, and it
hurts. I wish that there was something I could say or do so that we
could be in contact again. And I still feel that sense that I should
'wait and see'. I don't know, maybe its me not facing reality. Off to
bed now, I'm up at 5:30am tomorrow : /
Dear James, I miss you, I love you still. I wish I could see you
sometime. You mean so much to me, more so than anyone else. I want to
hug you and hold your hand, and kiss you goodnight. I want to hear how
your uni semester has gone and whether you've got your results yet.
I'm praying for success for you in this.

Ps, If I could see you, you could do all the asking/paying for/leading in this if you'd like. (I know that's how you like things to be.)

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