Sunday, July 11, 2010

+ My legs feel like they are going to fall off!
+ the woolworths here is called countdown, same logo, basically same foods (except for island eggplants, and these tiny finger size bananas) just a different name!
+ they sell timtam biscuits here, I'm surprised!
+ the store was insanely busy, with long lines of people at each checkout! (supermarkets in melbourne are obviously doing something right. I should learn to be more patient)
+ supermarkets in NZ sell chilled beer, in this one, opposite the chips and snacks! (no separate liquor store)
+ this shopping plaza smells bad :(
+ I wish mum would ring (or Jo would text me back)
+ I had no idea what a 'britomart' was, I asked when looking for the supermarket. It's the trainstation!
+ I want to go and see a movie but there is nothing I really want to see and I won't go and see a movie just for the sake of seeing one.
+ from a sign I just read, it seems that you have to pay to borrow things from the library here, with the 6th being free. I don't think I'd go to the library if I lived here. (not that I go at home either though)
+ I feel like I know Queen st, Auckland pretty well.
+ despite knowing I can spend money now I'm on holiday, I still feel uneasy about it. It's that old feeling I used to get when I was a uni student and had no money, and I just can't shake it : /
+ I love the physical characteristics of traditional New Zealanders, they are beautiful looking people.
+ I really like the song Rude Boy by Beyonce at the moment.
+ somehow, amazingly, the time on my phone has adjusted it's self to NZ time, without me touching it! (cool!)
+ I wish I wasn't here on my own.
+ I don't know if I want to do this anymore...

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