Friday, July 16, 2010

Kaikoura is beautiful. The alps and the coast are just amazing. The air is fresh here and its quiet. Funnily though, the sand on the beach is very dark and very coarse, and its unwalkable, its just too hard. I've walked about 10 km today, the youth hostel is 2km from the town and buses here seem nonexistent. At least its a nice walk.
I've been in the wars today, bumping my head on a metal rail on the train and falling over in a ditch. :(
I went for a walk to the movie theatre tonight, the only movie to be shown was 'Dear John' which I wouldn't have minded seeing. But the actual movie reel wasnt there! Such bad business. There was talk of waiting until other people showed up and then screening something else, but like I've said, I won't go and pay to see a movie just for the sake of seeing a movie. How should a Christian respond when something like this happens? Perhaps I should be patient and kind, but shouldn't people be taught to be more responsible and reliable? I don't know, sometimes people need to learn.
Why James? What have I ever done to you? This isn't right.

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