Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I love...

- Felix and Angelica (i've missed them)
- getting into a good book (Danger in the Shadows by Dee Henderson at the moment. Its scary to read at night though)
- winning against the ipod in Romi
- Picton indian takeaway
- LM, who says she misses me, and likes hearing my voice on the phone. She appreciates the photos I've emailed, and has bought me new pillows and changed my sheets for me while I've been away. She wants to go out for lunch the Sunday I return.  She is lovely.
- The perfume Chloe, which I bought today. Its so beautiful. (almost intoxicating)
- Nice hotels (not tonight :'( )
-The song Losing Again, by Dj Shah
-Cheap internet here in Christchurch

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