Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I have to type fast because I've only paid for a half hour on the internet and 12 minutes have already passed. (I hate being rushed like this) Bit of a stressful day here in Wellington. I'm ready to move onto Christchurch. Even though the stresfull stuff has passed I still feel tense, it always takes me a while to unwind from things like this. I went to the Wellington zoo today, was good, although quite alot of exhibits were closed. But I loved the red pandas and the pelican. There were even dingos there, and they are walked by zoo staff like domestic dogs. What was stressful was me leaving my camera in the giftshop and not realising till much later when I was back in the city. Took me a while to remember where I left it. It sounds trivial now, but it was just a bit much. I feared something like this would happen, and it did. It was abit like me losing the ipod again, very unfun. I'm going to be much more careful from now on.
I've just had a nice dinner and am trying to enjoy myself once again, fresh bread, cheese, kabana, chips, chocolate and another cherry coke. (which I think I like more than dr pepper)I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow. I think I fly out of here after 4pm. Will be rugging up because I hear Christchurch is cold and they get snow there. Will be a nice change of scenery though.Its still pretty early here (6:18pm/4:18 pm Melbourne time) but I'm tired and ready to go and rest. I havn't quite adjusted to the time change yet, so still find myself waking at 5am, even though its 7am here. Wish I could sleep in, but I can't no matter how hard I try. Oh well, I guess I'll survive. I keep thinking, the girls at work still have 2 hours till they finish and its dark here! I guess it was probably a good thing I was on my own today so noone (who I care what they think) could see me lose it.But still, wish I could see you dear James, or just hear your voice. I'd love to buy you some dr pepper while here, but anyway... (I'll  enjoy one for you instead ;) ) Take care.

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