Thursday, July 8, 2010

Work is done for two weeks. I leave for NZ tomorrow. I plan to eat nice food, take plenty of photos, send some postcards, buy some souvenirs (I've had a request for possom wool if it's not too expensive) and see some beautiful beaches. Should be great! (wish it were for longer!) Please go with me God.
Please take care of Felix and Angelica while I'm gone God. It's not that I don't trust other people with them, but I know them best and i know they get unsettled when they don't have consistency. Please be with them, and give them peace. I really love these little kids God, but I know you love them more. Thankyou for them.
Please God, convict Kylie of her behaviour. She is just out of control. Please bring her out of herself. Thanks. And thanks for hearing my prayer about Holly this morning.
On the way home now, I plan to buy some butter on the way so I can make some cupcakes with butter (not marg!) icing. I felt like them this morning.
(wish you were coming with me on my holiday James, or I could send you postcards and buy you a gift while there...will be thinking of you love)

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