Thursday, July 1, 2010

Having lunch in rainy Thornbury. The day's actually going pretty well.
I am minding Felix till 2pm and then going else where. He hasn't been
up to too much mischief. Thanks God. Please can the rest of the day go
well? Please God, can everything be clear and organised? Thanks for
all you do for me God. I know I don't say thankyou often enough.
In other exciting news (for me) I've recieved a pay rise! That's not
something I've ever had happen before. It's only about a dollar extra
an hour, but it all adds up, and the centre owner has been very
diligent and organised with the group certificates. Yesterday was the
first day of the financial year and I got mine today! I love when
things are as stress free and simple as that. I feared this would be
another battle. Thanks for that God. Now I just need the leave thing
to be sorted. I'm really trying not to stress about it though. Please
God work it out for me. Ta.
My weekend is something I'm looking forward to. (even though I've just
had two days off) Dad is making me a book case, so I need to clear my
floor in order to get it in. (& I'm sick of living in a mess) and I'm
cooking lots of things for lunch Sunday. I hope I'm successful. No
deserts this week, so no disasters. Hurrah! I am planning on a cake
and a Turkish delight icecream for Sunday though, so I'll see how I go.
Hope you're having a nice day James.

(I really should have brought some chocolate with me to work, I don't
know how i'm going to last till 7, when I get home!! I'm not buying!
I'm not buying! Money is for NZ!)

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