Thursday, July 22, 2010

I feel lousy... I don't know what to do here : / I wish I could go home tonight. I'll survive, but I'm considering staying in a nice hotel for my last night, even though I will have to leave for the airport at 3am. At least that way I'd be guarenteed a good night's sleep. The yh I'm in (Rollerston house) is pretty hopeless. For example, the only powerpoint available for use in the hostel is in the stairwell! It actually looks like  some powerpoints have been removed. There are lots of other not so great things about it. It truly is 'budget'!!!
I bought a new Hillsong cd, called ' A beautiful exchange'. I like what I've heard of it so far. I love the This is our God album by them.
Maybe indian for dinner again tonight. I feel like it, after chinese last night. And there is a fudge making tour at 2pm this arvo, for $15, so..I don't know?
I finished Danger in the Shadows last night. Its definelty the best of Dee H's. I wish I had the next one of hers so I could read it. Oh well, in a few days.

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