Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm not going to write this anymore once my trip is over. I started out writing this for someone and that hasn't worked out, so...I don't know. How I feel hasn't changed, although I'm really over being ignored and hurt. I'm just not going to put my self out there where he's concerned anymore. Its too disapointing when nothing ever happens.
Kaikoura was nice, if lacking in enough interesting shops and a decent bus service. (I walked about 30km in 3 days!) The scenery was beautiful and I really enjoyed the whale and dolphin watching tour. Loved the hundreds of Dusky dolphins swimming along side the boat. Fiona who worked in the YH there was so lovely and helpful too. I won't forget her.
I'm in Picton now. I had planned to go back to Christchurch and then to Greymouth but changed my plans. Picton is beautiful, very scenic. And I'm in a nice hostel, not run by the YHA. I have my own room, double bed, and breakfast is included! Its great! A bit more money, but its worth it.
Delicious indian takeaway here. Nothing much else is open because its winter. I had it last night and will have it again tonight. And I've decided to buy dad some NZ fudge as a souvenir, which solves all that. From an op shop here today, I found a simple white smocked dress which I thought I could wash and embroider further and give to my SIL if she has a girl in December. Otherwise I'll just put it away.
Not alot else to say really. Please forgive me James, for whatever it is you have against me. I hold no grudges and will always wish you well. I'm really sorry.

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