Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Actually not too bad a day. I usually am quite willing to go to work, but today I really didn't feel like it. Especially while on the train/bus I just wanted to stay on all day. Angelica was pretty good, despite being a bit naughty at lunch time. I managed to get a whole bowl of lunch into her, usually it isn't very easy. She was so lovely after sleep time though, she was happy to just sit and chatter away and let me hold her. I love that little girl. Sadly I'm not minding Felix on Friday, I'm doing a longer day elsewhere in the centre. I hope he goes okay. The girl who's looking after him is a 15 year old school girl, doing some casual work in her holidays.  I hope she does a good job. He can be a handful and takes a while to adjust to people. Please God, watch over him and please keep him safe. (and Jaimee too)
I've been feeling slightly less stressed about my leave. The rosters (which have no dates on them) are the same, but I looked at the year at a glance calendar in the office today and my holidays are down. Please God can it be worked out? Thanks.
The next two days I have off. I'm not sure what I'll do, more sewing probably...I was getting annoyed before because I'm tired and can't continue.
Miss you James...

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