Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thankyou God for a restful day. I like Sundays. Please go with me in
my work tomorrow, please help me with Gella, to be kind, patient and a
good carer for her, especially during lunch and sleeptime when I often
find myself getting frustrated with her. Please give me a kind heart
towards her. I do love her and want to be more patient with her.
Thanks for this very precious little girl God. I love looking after her.
Please be with Sus God. She's away for along time. I don't know where
she stands with you, but please use this time to work in her. Please
help me not to worry about her. I know you have her in your care.
Please put it on her heart to find a good church and Christian
friends. Thanks.
Please be with Hilary God. Please build her up, encourage her and
strengthen her.
Please God, be with the Stevens and Johnson family today and everyday.
Please be their guide through these hard times.

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