Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another not too bad day. I've managed to not spend a single cent of my
own money (what I aim for everyday at the moment) and I've made
sausage rolls and a choc caramel tart. (which didn't really work, very
messy. Sometimes I don't feel like I'm a very good cook : / ) and
Neighbours is good tonight. (but rolling my eyes at Karl and Susan-
they are seriously stupid!)
Please help me with Felix tommorrow God, to be patient and kind with
him. And please help me in working with the girls, to be friendly and
to not take offence easily. I really struggle with K at the moment
particularly God, please help me with her. Thanks. And please make her
see that the way she acts at times just isn't right.
And once again I ask for you to lead me and lead James too. I would
love a future with him, but I trust that you know what's best and that
all will work for good, whether that means things ever happen or not.
Thankyou for him God, for this most dear person. Love you James.

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