Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Things (/people) i love...
*the city at night
*long days at work (means more holiday money)
*days off (tomorrow!)
*when trains are on time (like now!)
*the feeling that comes with being able to save money (awesome
*when people are thoughtful and surprise me with their kindness
*shadows in silence by enigma
*silence by joy williams
*meteor shower by Thomas Newman
*Rain Shadow
*Felix and Angelica
*James G...
Thanks God for a relatively hassle free day. I so enjoy talking with
the girls during rest time. I ask again God, please work in M, it
really does seem like she's going for good, and it just isn't right.
To break up her family this way is just so wrong. Please God convict
her and P to work things out, if only for the sake of the girls.
Please God intervene. Only you can do it at this stage. Please work a
miracle. Thanks.

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