Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A few thoughts

New iPod. I didn't expect to get a new one so soon. The other (same)
one I got back in February, and it's just dissapeared. Made me pretty
angry, there was more on it than music you know? I guess it's good
that I at least can afford to get another one, that's something. But
So wish I could see James right now, I just want to hold him close. A
few work girls were talking about relationships today and one said
when she first started seeing her partner, she wasn't very attracted
to him, but that came with time. James has given me a total of about 2
hours of face to face time. (I'm not counting the movie) How is that
long enough to make a decision about me? It's not. I wish he'd given
me more of a chance. And also, the more I think about things, the more
I'm pretty sure (even if his no was really just a no) that there are
other things going on with him. Please God, heal his heart. I know
he's been hurt. Protect him and shelter him. Please open his eyes to
me, to the love I have for him.

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