Monday, June 21, 2010

So i managed a hello to her. I was thinking last night, well worrying
really that she might make an issue of me not really acknowledging her
(which wouldn't surprise me, she can dish it out but doesn't take
criticism very well) so I made more of an effort with her today.
I didn't get my tickets or make any bookings yesterday. I went down
and they hadn't arrived & I forgot the dates I'm going to be in
Kaikoura, and didn't want to guess. So hopefully this arvo.
Angelica was a good girl today, especially in eating all her lunch.
She has developed a habit of crying when left alone for any long
length of time though, and even if I have her with me but give my
attention to someone else she starts winging and then crying. It's an
attention seeking thing, and I don't like it really. But she's an only
child and basically has most of my attention, so I guess when she
doesn't have it she doesn't like it, I understand.
I have the next two days off. I'd like to be working for one of them,
but I guess I'll survive the sleep in, the craft in the arvo, the
walking the dog, the eating lunch while watching something...all the
things I enjoy doing when not working. I need to keep reminding myself
to keep saving. It's the lack of anything nice to eat at home which
makes me want to buy stuff.
I still care James, in case you were wondering. I can't turn off how I
feel. I'm still praying and hoping for you.

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