Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Feeling ok

Realised something while reading my Bible just now, God has everything in control, all this stuff thats happening, its part of his plan. I don't know what it is yet, but I realised that I've lost sight of this most important fact. I've realised that its okay to leave my worries with him and to just trust that he will work for good. All this time I've been worrying and fretting and thinking that everything in my life is such a terrible mess, when its not. Thanks God, please remind me often that you know best and I should just give my worries and cares to you? And please forgive me for getting angry about the cordial.
Please be with my most precious friend God, please take care of him each day of his life, shelter him and protect him. Please open his eyes God, to the love that I have for him. Thanks.
I've got a second wind and am feeling a bit brighter. Yeah!

You are my refuge, you are my tower. You heard me cry out in my
darkest hour. I called out in weakness you are my helper. You spread
your mighty wings and give me shelter. Lead me to the rock that is
higher than I.
Psalm 61 (Just needed the reminder!)

I love the image of being held securely under those wings and just being taken away from everything else to a safe place. I also love that all I have to do is trust and stay close and let him do the work, if that makes sense?

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