Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hmmm... I'm making a patchwork quilt. Lots of hexagon flowers with
yellow fabric around them. I've done almost half of it but ran out of
yellow. I went to get more and couldn't find any of the yellow Ive
used. I've reluctantly bought another yellow and will mix the two, but
I'm a bit dissapointed : / I thought it would be a simple,
nonchallenging thing. I'm planning on taking it all with me on my
trip. It's all hand sewn so easily transported. And I hope it's done
by Christmas. I might give it to mum. I've always wanted to make her a
pw quilt. I'll see.
Cooking this arvo, for my sister's engagement party on Saturday.
Hopefully I will have success. (florentines and kiss biscuits)

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