Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm sure I sound like a broken record...

But isn't it a compliment to tell someone they are attractive? I
always thought it was a nice thing to say, not a bad thing. But I
guess I don't know anymore...
And WHY on earth do I love someone who doesn't talk to me?
I just can't seem to stop, the feelings always come back, no matter
what he does. I guess I know there's more to him than the eye can see.
I love him, I just do and I feel so overwhelmed with this love and
with this longing to protect him and look after him and to be with
him. Is this what real love is? He is by far the most important person
to me. I can't look after him and take care of him God, so please can
you? I really feel like you've put it on my heart to show him
compassion and care, I've failed to do that at times, and now it's out
my hands really. All I can do is commit him to you. Please soften his heart towards you and towards
me. Thanks.

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