Thursday, August 12, 2010

Again : /

Trains are skipping lots of stations this morning. A 21 minute wait at parliament during peak times! Absolutly stupid! So I'll get off at Clifton hill and wait, and get part way there, but I hate this! And funnily, my phone alarm woke me this morning and I almost went back to sleep thinking it was Saturday! I can't get into that habit. I want to sleep tomorrow!

I like...
-getting books from bonanzle/eBay in the mail (yesterday and hopefully today too)
-when the train is quiet like it is now (no one's talking)
-no life after you, by daughtry (don't love it, just like it)
-getting paid (today)
-cadbury cooking chocolate
-when my sister is nice to me
-lead me by Colin b
-flying away by zuccero
-reading my school friend Spud's (aka David) fb
page, I just wish he'd update it more
-rush (& remembering to watch it. Come on Stella and Michael!!)
-7th book free at borders
-no more mistakes, by phynn (gets me everytime)
-Elle by yves saint laurent
-James G :'(

I don't like...
- the song white ladder by David gray (must take it off iPod)
-everytime by britney spears 
-when those rather pathetic dysons bus's are always a few minutes late and make me just miss a train. They are HOPELESS!
-waking up tired (it defeats the purpose of sleeping)
-feeling bad about myself and not being able to pinpoint why. (like now)

Though I sit in darkness, the Lord himself will be my light. Micah 7:8

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