Thursday, August 26, 2010

Guess where I went today? I got woken by the phone at ten to eight
asking me to work. Pretty late notice, usually by that time I'd be
thinking I'd be having a day off, ah well. I survived. I spent quite
a bit of time in the babies room today, doesn't happen too often.
There was this tiny little baby named Hannah, she must be just 6
months (the minimum age) and was so little compared to all the other
children. I also had a (surprisingly) nice talk with Kylie at lunch.
Apparently hasa was very out of control on Monday. I (and others) need
to learn not to be intimidated by him and to remember he is only 5.
Looking back I think I did try to take more control on Wednesday,
there were times when he got very aggresive and he's incredibly
antisocial, he won't allow any of the other children to play with him
or very near him. He's got alot to learn, that kid. I hope I can be of
some help to him.

But you Oh Lord are a shield around me, my glory, the lifter of my
head. Psalm 3:3

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