Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm in cold Fairfield again, I'm only working 5 hours today which is
good. And hasa will often arrive much later than 9:30 which means I
spend even less time with him than I'm supposed to. Please God can he
be in a calm, willing to obey mood? Please be with me in this, I do
struggle with him.
I got another eBay parcel in the mail this morning. I love not having
to wait for regular mail. I found it as I was leaving.
I'm still struggling with being sick but I do feel much better than I
have been. I didn't end up sleeping yesterday afternoon, I layed down
for one minute and then decided I didn't want to sleep. I worked on my
NZ photos instead, I'm about half way there. I so wish I could go to
Canada with P, L and S in October. I've also felt lately like having a
holiday in the blue mountains, such a nice place. If only I could
spend my life on holidays rather than working, but unfortunately it
doesn't work like that :/ Ah well...(bring on retirement!! Only 40
years to go...)

Today's work is done, the bus was only one minute late! Hurrah! Hasa
was a challenge again today, and I'm learning very quickly that his
behaviour is not 100% linked to his autism, but rather the fact that
he's been allowed to do what he wants, when he wants and gets away
with everything at home. Simple things like washing his hands after
he's been to the toilet are a battle, because it hasn't been enforced
that he has to. (and his toilet habits are gross!) But I noticed a few
small things today, i was sitting on a car mat and he wanted to see
the road and so tried to push me out of the way. I said to him 'no,
say excuse me', and he said it! He also approached me at lunch time
wanting help to peel a banana.
I'm going home now, maybe via the supermarket for something to eat. My
voice started going this arvo :/

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