Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm at parliament station waiting for the 7:36am train to Fairfield. A
busy work week. By the end of the week I will have worked at least 4
full days. I would love tomorrow off. But won't say no if they call me
into work.
I'm not sure if this is a good plan or not, but I'm thinking i'd like
to save hard between now and the end of the year (and hope the work
keeps coming in) and take some time off at the start of next year (?a
few months) and do some travelling. When I come back I might live in
youth hostels and look for a new job. If I put some money aside for
when I get back it might work. I don't know? I know air fares to
Europe are cheaper in the winter. I think it's really a matter of
saving every penny, praying and asking God if it's the right thing to
do and working out where I want to go. I also know from experience
that once transport and accomodation have been paid for, the expenses
are minimal, I can make the trip as expensive/inexpensive as I want. I
definetely want to see more of Switzerland and Austria and maybe
Greece, Poland, Russia and Sweden, and Ireland too. I don't know yet.
I love the thought of getting away again (even though I've only just
come back) Also, I really love Mavis Thorpe Clark books, who writes
Australian fiction for young adults. Reading her books always makes me
want to see more of Australia, so maybe I could fly home via western
Australia? I'd love to see Monkey Mia, that would be cool. I like
thinking and making plans like this, it gives me something to look
forward to. I also like the idea of going overseas every year.

(a bit later)
I'm chuffed!! Today I've looked after Hasa an autistic boy. I don't
look after him and sometimes he's on his own (although really
shouldn't be) but today we had the community service worker come
again. Hasa is very hard to look after, he's big, can be violent and
does what he wants. I was worried. I don't know what the outcome of
this visit was but she spoke to me about Felix and Angelica and said
she was very impressed with the relationships I've formed with f & a
and had spoken to STB (director) about it. She also asked me about my
previous experience with these kinds if children. So that made me feel
good! :D Still have 2.5 hours to go and at this stage I'm off
tomorrow, hurrah!

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