Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yesterday was a hard day and I wrote some awful, aggressive angry things on here, which I don't want to do. Sometimes life gets a bit too hard and  bit too much, but I should have kept it together better and been a better follow of Jesus. So those posts are gone and today is a new day. I'll try to do better today. I'm heading to work soon, just for 4.5 hours. I might get something nice to eat in the city afterwards. I felt like doing that yesterday, but the city just seemed like a bit far away. 
Please God, lift me out of this slump I'm feeling. I hate feeling yucky like this, I hate being in conflict with people and having no one on my side, and I hate being worried about the future. I hate feeling so negative about everything. Please take me away from all this, as only you can. Thanks.

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