Saturday, August 21, 2010

Random things...(I like making lists)

-I like the name's nigella and Gentle Ben (Genny) for a cat.
-I love our cat, even though he's demanding. He's been a faithful
companion to me.
-I can't stand the f word, more so than other swear words.
-I like reading about large families, and hearing people's name
-I wish I were named Esther (my cousin is instead).
-I might change my second name to Juleah or something else I like one
-I don't like names which are too common.
-I do love Evi (eve) after a little girl I met in mildura a few years
-some of my closet school friends were named Pimmy (Katherine), Kezza
(Kerry), Spud (David) and Marcus (Marcus!) I hope to see them again
one day.
-Marcus used to buy my apples from me. I still have his 2000 christmas
card which says 'from Marcus who buys all the apples'.
-Spud is engaged to Sarah. I don't know if he's called Spud anymore. I
have very fond memories of doing office administration classes with
him and Kerry.
-it was a very hard thing to leave these people, a school where I was
doing well academically and a nice place and to move to Melbourne. At
times I wish I'd fought harder to stay but I was only 16...
-I love my cousin Rebecca. She's kind and friendly and thoughtful.
-I'm afraid of the future :/
-benadryl cough syrup and demazin cold and flu tablets are amazing!
Within an hour I can go from feeling shocking to feeling almost normal!
-I like playing rummiking with my grandmother, no one else will play
with me. I usually beat her but she beats me at scrabble. We're pretty
much an even match when it comes to the dice version of phase ten.
-there was this girl, bridget at school. A few years ago, long after
I'd left that school I realized something. I liked this guy and she
knew. She told me that she liked him too. I realized later that this
was just made up between them so I wouldn't like him anymore, if that
makes sense? She was awful, I also remember her saying once in class
'why do I always get stuck with Rachel?' Amazingly though, someone
actually loves her, has married her and she has a child! That's all so
-I have a good relationship with my mum's sister Jenny. She doesn't
have children of her own, only step children. We like alot of the same
things, craft, animals, eating seafood...I had a really great trip to
see her in April. She took good care of me. I'd like to go again.
(except her husband's a bit scary)
-I'm looking forward to cooking this next week. Mum is stressed out
with lots to do. I want to make things easier for her, and not take
her being stressed personally.
-I'm listening to Taylor swift's fearless right now...(random!)

Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that there is a God and
that he rewards those who sincerely seek him. Hebrews 11:6

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