Sunday, August 22, 2010

Other random things (which I forgot yesterday)

-I love a baleriac dinner, by sunlounger (makes me think of summer
evenings and sunsets)
-I find it hard to listen to the a day without rain cd by enya.
-I love sleeping, I also love being busy and find it hard to sleep in.
-I've gotten into the habit of going to bed early and now can't stay
up very late.
-I love australian children's literature, and I look particularly for
those which have won book council awards. (I found one in the salvos
yesterday!) I took 4 children's lit subjects at uni and liked them
alot. The lecturer was good. I've kept some of the pieces of work I did.
-I've never watched the simpsons.
-Spud and I had a thing going. (see previous) It was very difficult to
leave him behind, but I can see God's hand in that, keeping us from
going places we shouldn't have. Neither of us were christians...Even
so, I'll never forget him.
-I stink at scrabble...(& I don't care)
-I buy books often, girls series books. (Nancy drew, Beverly gray,
little house) I probably should start reading more of them.
-I like watching MASH while sewing.

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