Friday, August 27, 2010

Another day...another few dollars. I'm glad to be finished. Felix was
good, his usual self. (mischievous) It was nice seeing him light up
when I arrived, and he wanted to hold my hand at lunch time. It was
lovely when his sister gave him a drawing she did for him and he quite
clearly said thankyou and gave her a hug. He doesn't often even
acknowlege her, so it was unexpected. I've also been trying to teach
him how to write his name, just emphasizing the letters when we draw
together. I say them as I write them. Today while painting he starting
doing it himself. But he started with 'e' rather than 'f' and isn't
quite sure how to do 'x' but he's getting there, such a clever boy.
It was kind of hard listening to one of the girls talk about a guy she
hopes to start seeing and the text messages they've been sharing...I
do hope it works out well for her though, she's a nice person. Nearly
in the city...note to self: I must not buy chocolate biscuits on the
way into work because I eat them like single pieces of chocolate!

Perfection= when the 3:28 belgrave train leaves at 3:28:07!! Such a
nice day in the city today, not that I'm staying here!

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