Thursday, August 5, 2010

A quick post before I go to bed. Another not too bad day at TK, thankyou God. I actually did Holly's job, as she doesn't work Thursday anymore. I worked with some nice people and some lovely kids. Even Kylie was okay, filling me in on a few things. Really looking forward to seeing my favorite Felix tomorrow. Please help me with Holly God, thanks.
Still no baby for Rubi. If she doesn't have him before Friday she's going to be induced. I'm so excited for her, before this weekend comes she will be a parent! I hope she brings him in so we can see him. I'm sure he will be beautiful. I havn't known her when she hasn't been expecting.
I'm really enjoying the Hillsong How Great is Our God  video on youtube right now. I particularly love when she prays. I often find myself praying along with her, and making her words relevant to my life. Listening to this also reminds me of working at the uni library in Bendigo, up on the second floor, with the big windows, looking out to the sky, on weekends. I've been thinking about looking for work there lately. I didn't enjoy living with JB and that really put me off the place. But obviously if my living arrangements were different there, I'd probably like the place more. I'll see. God knows best.
Tis all for now...

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