Saturday, August 7, 2010

Product testing here I come!! I was actually called yesterday evening
asking to confirm If I was participating, so they must be keen for
people to be there. I like doing things like this. I'm also going to
have lunch (KFC? I don't think there's a maccas at chaddie) and look
at craft books.
I've been thinking about why Felix and Angelica mean so much to me.
It's because they love me that I love them. They come to me when they
need something, and when they need comfort and they are always happy
to see me. I love them for these things. I pray for them often, that
God will take care of them and will help them in their lives.
I do like writing this, it started as a way for me to show someone
that I loved them, but it's turned into an online journal of my life
as a follower of Jesus. I like it more now, that desperation for his
love and friendship isn't there so much, which is good. It's still an
absolute kick in the head everytime I see him and am reminded of the
rejection, but God has his plans, he knows best, I want to trust him
for the future, and not be worried or anxious about things. I want to
trust that if God wills it, that there is someone out there who's
going to be right for me and who will treat me kindly, and who won't
hurt me. I don't want to be fearful of that happening.

Good day shopping at chadstone. I had a souvlaki for lunch and bought
2 books from borders. (crochet for dummies and way to crochet, I'm
very keen to learn) I also bought a Thomas train for Jesse because he
loves ttte and wasn't feeling well this morning. I had to seriously
restrain my self in toys r us, there were so many cool things I wanted
to get him. I also got the purfume I wanted and did the product testing.
It was interesting, I enjoyed it. It was in this secluded part of
chadstone so it felt a bit covert. We answered questions relating to
some pascalls lollies, did some tasting and said what we did and
didn't like about the description of them. One kind was very nice the
other a bit too minty. I would have liked to have tried more. It will
be interesting to see whether anything comes of these lollies tested.
I'm all tuckered out now! I wanted to sleep in this morning, but I was
woken by a little boy's unhappy cry's for his dad.
I also saw jessica Watson at a book signing today! (I didn't buy the

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