Friday, August 13, 2010

Another ok day. Felix was also ok, a bit of a handfull at times. (but
also cute when he laughed hysterically at my drawing happy/sad/silly/
angry train passengers) he was funny when I offered him half a
chocolate frog, he threw it away. I think he might have wanted the
whole thing? I don't know?
I also saw photos of rubi's beautiful baby today, he's not very dark,
but his hair his. (rubi's from bangledesh so is dark) he might get
darker? Kylie has been better lately, we've had a few laughs and she
showed me the photos. At this stage I'm doing 15 hours next week (3
days, 2 with hasa and 1 with Felix) but it could change. I thought I
was only doing 5 this week and I've done 31! So I'll see. I can add to
that list of things I don't like the song white whisper by deep forest.

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