Monday, August 9, 2010

BG reporter started off good but has gotten increasingly rediculous.
For example, three of the characters just narrowly escaped being blown
up in a house. They were rescued by a countess who whisked them away
in her car. Five minutes into the trip she pulled over and pointed out
the blown up house in a valley below. I'm also just at the part where
they are going for a joy flight and one of the wheels has come off the
plane, so they can't land. Someone will have to climb out of the plane
and fix it, mid air! I've heard that the original publisher of this
series was more interested in quantity (sufficient word count) rather
than quality! I do like like the friendships the girls have though. I
might read something else after this though. (if I finish it)
Another full work day today. Now I'm not tied up two days with Gella I
seem to be getting more full days. With her funding only allowed for
an aide ten hours a week. Please God go with me today.
It's cold here in Fairfield this morning. And I've got an hour
before I start, and it's raining!! :(
My day is going well, although holly is SCARY! It's like being on egg
shells around her. Please help me God, thanks.

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