Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm working again today, so a full week of work. Bring on the money!
Annoyingly though not many trains seem to be stopping at Fairfield,
where I need to get off, they keep running express to Ivanhoe.... I
may only just make it in time today. It's so nice and sunny today, I
wish I was on a train to warrnambool or some place nice. It's that
kind of weather. Even bendigo would be alright. Oh well...
Day was ok, although at times things were unclear (where I was
supposed to be at times) but I've finished now, at 10 to 4 in fact, I
had expected to finish
at 5:30! Means I can cook something nice for dinner. I like doing this
on my days off but I havn't had many of them lately. Felix tomorrow,
but also scary holly...comon bus!!!

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