Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rolling my eyes at the silly things people get themselves into
Felix was great, he's such a clever boy. He sat down at the computer
and started typing the alphabet, looking for each key. He got from A
to H in order. He's not yet 4, I love that little kid. (and I'm
starting to get fearful of losing him too) Holly was slightly scary at
times... And for a while there was a community service worker taking
notes on Felix, a bit scary. (although he took no notice of her) I
think she may be responsible for his funding? I don't know?? (she was
nice though, but I felt she shouldn't have made judgements about other
children's social skills... She doesn't know them)
No news on Rubi's baby yet. I don't know what time she was being
induced. I wonder if her baby is here yet?
I feel really, really lousy right now. I wish I could leave this life
and start again. I'd take Felix, Angelica, maybe my aunt and maybe my
grandmother. The rest I'd leave behind. I'm tired of this life and the
same old stuff always happening. I'm sick of rude people. I'm at that
point where if one more person is rude to me... (watch out, I'm not
feeling like being nice)
I do love this though,

I will lie down in peace and sleep, for you alone, O Lord, will keep
me safe. Psalm 4:8

I've stuck this verse on my bedside table so I see it before I go to
sleep. Right now I feel like eating something nice and lying on my bed
in the sun reading BG Reporter. I want to be left alone. Soon though,
I'm nearly in the city. Just a train to camberwell, and then home via
the store. (will post this when I get home)
And this iPod is starting to sporadically play up again... I don't
like it but I'm not going to get angry about it. It's just a thing. (&
no I will not be buying a 4th iPod this year!)
Wish I could go away, I don't want anything or anyone right now, I
just want to live in the country or near the beach (which is why I
like warrnambool, has both) on my own. I crave the space, peace, fresh
air... I have none of that right now. I just want to read, do my
sewing, cook nice food, sit in the sun and have willy (cat) on my
knee. He's the best kind of companion, he demands food, but he's not
rude, or stupid, or inconsiderate and he likes me. I like him too. But
yeah... I feel like my head is going to explode : (

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