Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I love...

Writing these lists
Beverly Gray Reporter (book I'm reading, wish I could read all day)
Fresh bread
Stay Strong by The Newsboys
Being warm when it's cold (wish I was now)
Sleeping in (doesn't happen too often)

I'm doing some product testing on Saturday at Chadstone shopping
centre. For my time I get a $40 coles/myer gift voucher. The product
I'm testing is chewy lollies! I've been asked to participate in these
before but havn't been able to because I havn't been a smoker and I
don't drink energy drinks. This one should be good though, I like
lollies. I might buy some nice purfume with my voucher. I found one at
the Christchurch airport I liked but didn't have the right money on
me. It's called Elle by (??) eves saint laurent (i have no idea how to
spell or say that) - the sample in my purse has been tempting me.
Please God go with me in my work today. Can everything be clear and
straight forward please? Thanks.
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